Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame offensive lineman Larry Little dropped by The Noe Show to talk about the NFL and the big stories in college football.

Larry Little was a recent guest on The Noe Show.  Larry stopped by to talk about a wide range of football topics.  One of the most interesting parts of the interview was when Larry talked about Jim Tressel and Pete Carroll.  USC and Ohio State were recently hit with sanctions because some of their football players accepted improper benefits.

Larry Little, a former head coach at Bethune Cookman and North Carolina Central, mentioned that he can see both sides of the issue.  He can understand why coaches like Pete Carroll and Jim Tressel looked the other way when their players were involved in things they shouldn't have been, but he also understands the risk of not alerting anyone.

Larry told a few stories of his days with the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins.  Little also told a funny story about his Hall of Fame induction speech in 1993.  Check out the audio for the entire interview.