In addition to being a two time NBA champion, two time NBA Finals MVP, and four time NBA MVP, LeBron James is a good human being. Today, he posted a photo of himself onto his Facebook page (seen above) on his way to jury duty. See, the stars really ARE just like us!

I have so many questions about LeBron James at jury duty, I could write a book on it.

First of all, can you imagine getting selected for jury duty, showing up, and sitting next to LeBron James? What would happen if it was a serious case, like a murder trial, and LeBron James was a part of the team selected to help it come to a unanimous verdict?

If he was the only person who felt that the verdict should be not guilty, would the 11 jurors who felt that he should be guilty just give up and change their minds? Could LeBron James become a real life, famous version of 12 Angry Men? Hasn't there already been an NBA version of 12 Angry Men?  I thought that was the nickname for last year's New York Knicks team, given that 11 of them are angry that Carmelo takes all of the shots, and Carmelo is angry when his shots aren't falling.

In all honesty, this is so cool. I'm sure there are hundreds of stars every day that try to find some loophole to get out of things like jury duty, not to mention the hundreds more that commit crimes and do other, non-LeBron James type things. LeBron James is both a great athlete and a good example for young people. That is worthy of praise in itself.

I hope LeBron James becomes a juror in the trial of the century.