It was game six of the Eastern Conference Finals.  The Boston Celtics looked, and played like the series was over.  Lebron James took advantage of that and put up 45 points.

What does it take to go into the Garden and beat the Boston Celtics?  Determination.  That's exactly what Lebron James had on Thursday night.  His 45 point performance was one of his best, and gives his team another shot at getting to the NBA finals.

Miami outplayed Boston the entire game.  Despite going on an 8 point run in the second half, the Celtics had no answer for James.  Rajon Rondo tried to carry his team with 21 points and 10 assists, but it just wasn't enough.   Paul Pierce was off for most of the night, he only scored 9 points.  Ray Allen added 10, and Kevin Garnett put up 12.  Not the best production from the Big Three.

The other Big Three - from Miami - did pretty well.  We already mentioned Lebron's 45.  He wasn't alone.  Dawyane Wade had 17 points.  Chris Bosh continued to struggle, he only had 7 points in 28 minutes.

Game 7 is Saturday night from Miami.  The winner will meet up with the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals.

[Via ESPN]