Every year, I turn on the TV during the NBA Slam Dunk Contest.  For the last few, I've wondered if I'd stumbled across the wrong event or if they'd started letting fans participate.

Though it was once a high-profile event stacked with league royalty, the Slam Dunk Contest is now a barely watchable parade of unknowns trying 12 or 13 times to complete a dunk that will be over-scored by a group of judges you'd almost rather see on the court.

Such is why, for the length of his career, the world has begged LeBron James to take part.  King James, though, for whatever reason, has steadfastly refused - a lamentable decision I desperately wish he'd reconsider.

This week, LeBron twisted the knife in our collective side - again refusing to participate in the dunk contest, but taking a few moments to put on tape the slams with which he would certainly win.

Check out the video below: