Oh Monday should be interesting. Ok up front I am not  Heat fan. Can't root for them as I like the Knicks. But I do love Lebron and America's hate fest with this great basketball talent is laughable if not nauseating.

You watch. You listen. Unlike last week when the Heat lost 2 straight and in game 2 when Lebron missed 2 Free Throws with 50ish seconds to go and these media clowns hammered him for being a choker etc etc. Monday will be met with much less attnetion to Lebron's marvelous performance leading the Heat to a must win 101-93 win over the Pacers to knot the series at 2.

Oh the media did all their "perspective" and got all their guests on to bury Lebron. Watch Monday when they are all fawning like dogs claiming they didn't say anything negative. I even heard 1 prominent talk host claim the Heat should break up their team after Dwayne Wade's meltdown in game 3. Wade was great as well pouring in 30 points and grabbing 9 boards. Of course the Heat are diminished without Chris Bosh. Discussing dismantling this team under the cicumstances is absurd.

As fabulous as Wade was it was all about Lebron. 40 points.18 rebounds. 9 dimes. 2 steals. That's a stat line.

I can't just blame the media for hyperventilating every time the Heat loses a playoff game or has a 2 game losing streak. My audience on 1045 the team, ESPN radio in Albany( Game On) seems to have this hate for James. I took many calls last week with many folks hammering James. Interesting none hammered Wade. What does that tell you?

It is fair to slam Lebron after he plays lousy as it is with any player or team. I slammed him after that dreadful game 6 against Dallas last year, and game 5 as well. He didn't just play poor he looked zombie like.

But it almost sounds personal for  some of these media dopes. I don't need 4 hours of 'perspective' and streams of jump on the Lebron stinks media bandwagon just to turn around the next game and proclaim him the King again. The flip flopping is comical.

Truth- Lebron is great and nothing will change that. Ring or no ring. HE IS GREAT. He came to the table Sunday in Indiana and ate the Pacers for lunch. You watch the same media hypocrites will now diminish the Pacers. the 'expert" who will give us "perspective" will now tell us how the Pacers are average and blah blah blah. These folks have the back bone of a jelly fish and convictions of a 12 year old. Lebron IS GREAT. Period!

Come Monday these same "floaters" will come up with some lame story about how there is more to discuss then Lebron. Perhaps move onto how the Lakers are a farce or whatever so their audiences can't call them out for being flip floppers. As for the audience's-stop taking your cues from these dopes. LEBRON IS GREAT-WILL BE GREAT and WILL WIN a title or 3.

No I can't root for the Heat-but I do root for Lebron! The King crowned the Pacers while most of the media and many at home watching were hoping he totally flopped.