The NFL's experiment with replacement officials has resulted in some suspect calls over the first two weeks of the young season, including the worst call in league history. However, if Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy's comments in a radio interview are true, they may be bringing a complete lack of professionalism to the game as well.

McCoy, in an interview with 94WIP in Philadelphia described referees being afraid of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, who contested one of the many controversial calls by the scab refs during the game.

As if that wasn't bad enough, he continues to paint the fake officials as similar to fans, bringing up a point in the game in which one of the replacement officials allegedly tells McCoy that he needs him to perform well for his fantasy team.

Now, we've already had one replacement official suspended for using social media to post photos of himself in Saints gear, but this is just ridiculous. You are at work, on the clock, and speaking openly about a clear conflict of interest is simply unacceptable.

If this referee really wanted to, they could have conjured up some bogus calls to get Philly to the one yard line to get McCoy touchdown after touchdown. Thankfully, that didn't happen, but openly rooting for a player in a game you are officiating opens you up to conspiracy theories such as that one.

If anything, this just continues to shame the NFL in this dispute for not being willing to part with a minuscule amount of its $9 billion annual revenue to restore professionalism and competence back to its officiating. Hopefully more stories like this come out so that we don't have to hear more stories about refs telling guys to do well for their fantasy teams.