You know you've found a diamond in the rough when even your head coach says this is like a miracle. Heck, I expect to see Knicks coach Mike D'antoni kiss Jeremy Lin and thank him for perhaps saving his job.

Such is the state of the NY Knicks, a team that was dead and done a week ago, is now more then revived by the incredible story of Jeremy Lin! Buried on the end of the bench, it was exactly 7 days ago while watching his club struggle against the lousy NJ Nets that D'antoni summoned Lin and, well, the rest is remarkable!

Lin lit up the Nets, energized the MSG throngs, and hasn't stopped. He dominated Utah, took down Washington and then beat the Lakers- all without Amare Stoudamire or Carmelo Anthony.

Rumor has it that the Knicks were on the verge of being the third team to cut Lin loose- that's how amazing this story is. Houston and Golden State let him go previously. Daryl Morey, the GM of the Rockets, expressed regret this week for letting the Harvard grad go. I can't rip anyone because until Lin got in the Nets game I had never seen the kid play. It does make for a good laugh, though- considering what teams spend on scouting, drafts, preparation, and video- and yet from under their nose the man who saved the Knicks season was sitting.

I am watching all these talking heads try and put what we are seeing here in "perspective". Keep trying, yakkers, 'cause you won't be figuring this out. Lin got a chance and  has taken advantage of it. It will be fun to watch the word-meisters try and think they can summarize this story. You can't!

The closest anyone will come to figuring this out is this is the greatness of America. A nobody, a warm body, a bench ornament gets a chance and kicks the door down. That is the only explanation, frankly. This is how it works in America. Today things are bleak and tomorrow, well, who knows. Lin should serve the lesson clearly. Have a dream. Work at it. Keep working at it. When things don't go your way, don't pout and don't quit. When people are telling no, you make them tell you yes. When you get knocked down, get up and fight on.

Lin is the latest shining example of the belief that if you believe in yourself all things are possible. I love the kid's humility and confidence. What I really admire is that under fire and, for the first time, a lot of pressure, Jeremy Lin is kicking tail and winning. Seven days ago nobody knew  Jeremy Lin from pocket lint. Today J Lin is the toast of NY and an entire franchise and fan base are grateful for the guy's perseverance!