Okay, first it was just New Jersey. Can't get excited about that. Then it was Utah- without Amare and Melo. Now the Wizards without those two stars again. Yes, it is time to at least be curious about this new guy that was a castoff by two clubs this year. His name is Jeremy Lin and he has revived a dormant going-nowhere Knicks team with 3 solid in not spectacular games!

Jeremy Lin right now is the biggest sensation that doesn't wear Blue in NY sports. Lin came off the bench to score 23 vs Jersey then started and lit up Utah for 28. Against the lousy Wiz this new guy scored 23 points, had his first dunk and a career high 10 assists leading the suddenly surging Knicks to a 107-93 victory in Washington.

Right from the start Lin was adored by Wizard fans as they cheered loudest for him and waived the flag of his native Taiwan. In 5 days Lin has added 60,000- that's right, 60,000- new Twitter followers. That's impressive!

Americans love their rags-to-riches sports figures.. See Kurt Warner and many others. Let's be honest the Knicks were floundering and the home fans were getting angry about the underachieving. Then, by accident it seems, head coach Mike D'antoni called for Lin- and well, who knows, but the coach's job could be saved thanks to the Harvard grad!

With Carmelo out for possibly 2 weeks with assorted injuries and Amare not due back until next week after the tragic death of his brother, it's now about Lin and Tyson Chandler and some other parts to try and keep the Knicks afloat. Chandler poured in a Knick career high 25 points. Amazing what happens when you get the ball to people in the right spots at exactly the right time. Steve Novak is also benefitting from the Lin-sanity by adding 19 points.

We shall see where this Lin-sation goes next and the competition gets better over the next 2 ballgames with  a home game vs Kobe and the Lakers Friday then a throw down with improved Minnesota Timberwolves on the road the next night. But for now Knicks fans are smiling and the Knicks are winning thanks to LIN-SANITY!