Local Olympian Nick Delpopolo’s dream for Gold came to an end today as he lost a 1-0 decision to Nyam-Ochir Sainjargal of Mongolia.

Delpopolo won his first two matches before losing to the #1 player in the world, Wang Ki-Chun of South Korea. His loss to Ki-Chun set him up with a battle against Sainjargal, who Delpopolo had a 1-1 career record against. Although he’d gone up against him in the past, Delpopolo was apparently surprised by Sainjargal’s aggression, and suffered a costly penalty when he took too long to get to his feet in the closing 30 seconds.

After the match Nick acknowledged that he took the wrong approach in the match. “The time I lost, it was the same exact match – a carbon copy. I didn’t do enough offense.” Despite missing out on a medal, the 23 year old didn’t seem too downtrodden by his loss and has vowed to bid for a spot in the 2016 Rio Games.