Rangers, Bruins, Devils.  Three teams.  Three game-sevens.  Could it get any better? @JoeBianchino

New York Rangers - The Rangers battled back from the brink of elimination on Monday.  Down 3-2 in the series and down 1-0 midway through the second, the Ranger offense came to life, scoring three times in the period's final 12 minutes.  They held off a late Senator charge and earned themselves a 3-2 win and a trip to Madison Square Garden for game seven.  The intensity has crescendoed over each of the first six games, and isn't likely to dissipate with everything on the line in Manattan on Thursday.  The Rangers will look to come out swinging in the game.  They have unquestionably been at their best when aggressive.  Though the outcome of Thursday's game is not yet known, we do know that Madison Square Garden will be rocking - as will the boards.

Boston Bruins - The final two months of the regular season was a Jekyll and Hyde operation for the Bruins.  And though their play was largely consistent, the results in their seven game series with the Capitals were just as varied.  It was, however, Washington who took the better of the series, besting the Bruins in overtime in game seven.  The series had been one of the more exciting of the NHL playoffs, with no more than one goal separating the teams in each of the seven games.  Still, it's a disappointing early exit for the defending champions.

New Jersey Devils - The Devils have played in one of the more unique and under the radar series of these playoffs.  It's been a series of runs, with teams taking two and three goal leads only to have their opponents come roaring back.  The Devils were able to score an overtime win in game six to force Thursday's game seven in Florida.  Given the volatility of the series, it's impossible to predict what style the game will be played in, let alone its winner.  I wouldn't count on early leads holding up, however.