Who doesn't love a good locker room dance by a head coach?  Mike Gundy takes it to the floor after Oklahoma State whooped Oklahoma.  Fortunately, there was no skeet, skeet, skeeting though.

Oklahoma State rocked Oklahoma 44-10 on Saturday to capture the Big 12 conference title.  Following the game, head coach Mike Gundy shook his groove thang (40-second mark).  Granted, nobody is going to mistake Gundy for a young Michael Jackson or something, but the fact that this guy is willing to have some fun with his team is fantastic.

Mike Gundy is well known for once yelling at a newspaper writer, "I'm a man, I'm 40."  Gundy demonstated the serious side of himself during that exchange.  He also has the side, which is seen in this video, where he can cut loose and take it to the floor following a big win.  I love it.

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