Louis Oosthuizen made a magnificent shot on the 2nd hole of Sunday's final round of the 2012 Masters.  A double eagle on a Par 5?  You have to see this.

South African Louis Oosthuizen made a ridiculous albatross during Sunday's final round of the 2012 Masters.  Oosthuizen was able to hole his second shot on the Par 5 2nd hole.  The unbelievable shot dropped his score from seven under par to 10 under.  By the way, you'll hear David Feherty say, "Double eagle, albatros, call it what you like." 

This raises a key question; which do you prefer?  I'm personally going to opt for "albatross."  A double eagle is so rare, that it should have a special name.  For full disclosure, I actually use both terms in case someone is unfamiliar with what "albatross" means.  It's not nearly as common as "birdie" or "bogey," so I like to use both terms.

Bubba Watson was able to win the 2012 Masters thanks to a fantastic shot on the 2nd playoff hole.  It was a very Phil Mickelson-esque shot.  Bubba's shot propelled him to his first major win.  I can handle Bubba's two-putt effort when I'm goofing around at the Capital Hills Golf Course in Albany, NY, but I'll never come close to matching Bubba's approach on the 2nd playoff hole, or Oosthuizen's ridiculous albatross.  I can, at least, play "Albatross" by Corrosion of Conformity on guitar though.  That counts for something, right?

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