Well it seems the 2-14 Indianapolis Colts seem intent on drafting Andrew Luck of Stanford with the 1st pick overall in the NFL draft. personally I think this is a mistake. Oh I know what the "experts' are saying about Luck. The best QB prospect in x years blah blah blah. I won't doubt that but is this a wise move for the Colts? That I will debate. Seems if the great Peyton Manning gets clearence from the medical experts there is no reason to think he won't be able to return to his previous form. If the Colts draft Luck as it now appears they are telling people they will how long does Luck sit? Will you trade Manning the following year? All these questions and many more will come about strictly by drafting Luck..

Me personally I don't take Luck IF the doctors give me as good a report on Mannings neck as they can. That would mean to me Peyton is ready to play and would have at least 3 years left if not more. Why invite this ongoing and never going to go away debate. How long do you think Luck will sit before his status and talent demand he play? Will Manning just go along with this?

No if it is me I trade that 1st round pick, get 2-3 picks and perhaps a player that is ready to step in. Not like the Colts only need a healthy QB to return to prominence. The Colts need plenty of help like a stud running back perhaps, some youth and speed at wide reciever, some secondary help. The Colts have plenty of holes. their offensive line is getting a bit long in the tooth for example. Trading Luck will allow them to stock up on picks and or players. Drafting Luck who might not even play for 1-2-3 years depending might be ok but in the what are you doing now NFL it doesn't help the Colts get better fast.

The last thing to ask yourself is what about the salary cap ramifications. Sure there is now a rookie salary cap in place but Luck would get max dollars under that cap. Add that to Mannings ample salary and the Colts could have 50 million and more tied up in just QB's. Manning is due a huge roster bonus come March. the Colts will find it hard to add some quality pieces around either with a salary cap that will be dented hard by 1 position.

If I were the Colts I would dangle that pick in front of QB desperate teams liek the Redskins and others. If and when Manning is ready to retire in 3-4 years who knows the next Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck is just getting into his senior season in high school and they can chse a QB later. I think this will go down as a huge mistake if indeed the Colts draft Luck and not deal away that top pick