Congrats to our 20 finalists who have made it into our Lucky Sunday Squares pool!

These finalists have the chance at the conclusion of each quarter or at the end of the game to win tickets to see Kanye West at the Times Union Center on Feb. 19 and a grand prize of his and her watches from Regency Jewelers, or up to a $200 gift card.

First quarter and third quarter prizes are $100 gift cards to Regency Jewelers each and Kanye West tickets; halftime prize is a $200 gift card and Kanye West tickets and final score prize is a his and her watch each, two $50 Regency gift cards and Kanye West tickets. If the last digits of the scores at each quarter match up with the corresponding square on the grid, they win!

Check out their names on the grid:


Tune in to 104.5 The Team to hear who wins on Monday!