Madden 12 cover voting begins today.  It's a very cool process which begs the question, who would you vote for?

You can log on to to vote for the NFL player that should be on the cover of Madden 12.  Even if you're not a huge Madden game junkie, it's an interesting process.  Who do you think deserves to be on the cover most?

Unfortunately, considering all of the labor unrest, it should probably be a side-by-side shot of Commissioner Roger Goodell next to union head DeMaurice Smith.  That wouldn't sell copies though.

The voting process will take four weeks.  One player from each team will be a candidate for the cover.  If I were to vote for who should be on the cover, I'd vote for Aaron Rodgers.

He's fresh off of his Super Bowl win and MVP performance against the Steelers.  He's done a magnificent job of replacing Brett Favre.  Plus, he's got that cool belt gesture going for him.  I'd vote for A-Rodge.