Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis has a hamstring injury.  He has also missed game time due to strep throat.  Some say this is because of the 'Madden Curse'.  I say it's a complete coincidence. 

There are plenty of people who believe in the Madden Curse.  A handful of NFL players have been on the cover of the popular John Madden video game.  A lot of the players have suffered odd injuries or have struggled during the season that they appeared on the cover of Madden.

There isn't anything to this.  It's a complete coincidence.  There have been exeptions to the rule.  Larry Fitzgerald had a Pro Bowl season when he was on the cover of Madden.  Is he just curse proof?  It doesn't add up. 

I'm not sure that people actually believe that the Madden Curse is real as much as they like to insinuate that it might be.  I'm willing to give people the benefit of the doubt until they actually demonstrate that they completely believe that a freak coincidence is a curse.  Then I'm forced to make fun of them.