To say that Manti Te'o ran a subpar 40 yard dash would be an understatement. A 4.82 second 40 for a linebacker just doesn't show the athleticism needed at the position in today's NFL. After all, a freaking offensive lineman ran a faster one during this year's NFL Scouting Combine. However, I'm sure Te'o had a few good reasons for running so slowly. Here are those reasons.

  • 1

    Was Giving Lennay Kekua A Piggy Back Ride

    It just seems obvious that a person can't run as quickly as they normally would when they are carrying another person on their back. If Te'o was carrying his girlfriend while running the 40, this time goes from pedestrian to impressive.

  • 2

    Busy Fantasizing About Katherine Webb

    I'm not saying that Manti Te'o imagined himself running the 40 yard dash in slow motion into the outstretched arms of Katherine Webb. I'm just saying that he ran the 40 yard dash in slow motion, and letting you connect the dots.

  • 3

    Running On Broken Ankles

    Possibly the most logical explanation on this list, Te'o is still recovering from the broken ankles he sustained trying (and failing) to tackle Alabama running back Eddie Lacy in last month's BCS National Championship Game. This would, of course, result in a slower than desired 40 time.

  • 4

    Living Up To Notre Dame NFL Standards

    After an illustrious career at Notre Dame, Manti Te'o's 40 yard dash indicates that he is just living up to the school's standards when it comes to NFL success. Yup, he looked right on par with Michael Floyd, Jimmy Clausen, Brady Quinn, Maurice Stovall and countless other Irish players.

  • 5

    Up All Night Editing His Online Dating Profile

    After all, he is back on the market.