Oh no what have you done Mark Richt. You evil guy. You rule breaker, You,You cheater. Not at all. In 1 of the more absurd rulings from the absurd NCAA  Georgia head coach Mark Richt was reprimanded and the Dogs hit with secondary rules violations because  he dared pay some of his assistants and some of the non football people bonuses out of his own pocket. Oh the humanity of it all. How dare a guy give a spiff or a few sheckles to his assistants whom he thinks are underpaid.

Richt the criminal gave his former recruiting director just under 11,000 for a job well done. He had the "audacity" to give his former Linebackers coach John Jancek 10,000 after the previous admisistration  denied a raise when Jancek turned down a coaching opportunity at another college. Richt also had the nerve to give director of  player developement (they have these in college? ) 6,150 dollars after Eason took a hit in pay for moving into this administrative role that came with a pay reduction. Lastly and this might be  his biggest offense Richt gave some non football personal a combined 15k to 10 non coaching people after the school didn't pony up some dough for them  in bowl bonuses after the school claimed financial hardship. these assorted folks included video personal guy, sports medicine dude.

Lastly Richt gave out some of his own loot to a former Georgia assistant whose severance ran out before he could find another job. Seems to me Richt who is well paid as most coaches are was charitable with his own money not taking it from the school or faking expenses. Repeat it was his own money!!!!

I love College sports for the action,atmosphere, and a few other reasons but many of the NCAA rules are arcane and outdated. I am sorry but I see nothing wrong with a coach giving out his own money to spiff others for a job well done. In fact some of these pay outs can be considered compassionate and helping out his fellow coaches who have helped Richt run a good program and win lots of games. By the way none of these bonuses were under the table. all were documented and disclosed. Get your act together NCAA and get with the times!