A close friend of the Jets' quarterback has died due to a rare form of cancer. 

Mark Sanchez had a friend named Aiden Binkley.  Aiden was an 11-year old boy who died last Thursday.  Binkley was suffering from a rare form of cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma.  A lemon-sized tumor spread from Aiden's pulvis to his lungs.

Aiden had a wish to meet Mark Sanchez.  He was able to meet the 24-year old quarterback when he visited the Jets' training facility with his mother on December 15th.

Sanchez developed a relationship with the boy immediately.  They texted back and forth routinely.  Sanchez also drove to Aiden's house to surprise him.  Sanchez waited until Binkley woke up to share a conversation with him.

Following Aiden's death Sanchez said, "He meant the world to me.  I felt like I've known him forever.  It kills you, just thinking about it.  I love him to death."

Sanchez has been wearing a camouflage bracelet that Aiden gave to him which reads, "Binkley's Battle."  The Jets honored Aiden with a moment of silence before they played the Buffalo Bills last Sunday.

A story like this puts things in perspective.  It shows that although we're not able to change certain things in life, like cancer, we can impact other people's lives in a positive way.  Both Aiden and Sanchez helped each other.