Oh no Knick fans time to cringe. Carmelo ball stopper is telling us again how much he wants to win a title and that the time is coming-soon.

Yawn. have heard this script before. Oh all the excuses are flowing. We weren't toghether that long. My time is coming. yada yada yada.

Carmelo Anthony the ball stopper is crowing how his time is coming-if not this year then next. And by that time it will be if not next then the next. So on and so forth.

Anthony is working out with Tyson Chandler in getting ready for the London games. he will be re-united with the man he got fired Mike D'Antoni. that should be interesting. We will get all the puffery and talk we are used to with Anthony. How he loves D'Atoni. Hoe he wants to win so badly. etc etc etc.

Listen Melo isn't a bad guy. Very much opposite in fact. He is a good guy and gives much of his time to the poor and other causes. But when it comes to winning he knows nothing. His idea of winning is getting all the shots, if more then 50% go in he has won no matter what the team does.

11 time championship coach Phil Jackson said it best when he said in an HBO interview "the ball always stops when it gets to him". Anthony is a solid guy but his talk has become cheap. His selfishness in needing to be the man has worn thin. It isn't an accident he has won just 2 playoff series yet he is always the main focus.

I have written a few times how this Knick team has lots of talent but is poorly constructed and hiring Mike Woodson was not a good move. I won't rehash all of that but I will say his promising to win a title and playing dumb is getting tiring.

The latest 'My time is coming" . Notice not our time but my time. it's always about me with Anthony in a basketball sense. The truth is Carmelo that the Miami Heat had many injuries during the regular season and playoffs so your latest bluster is just that. I wonder sometimes if this guy hears himself speak. Talking about the Heat being toghether all this time is just not true. This was only the 2nd year of the Heat's big 3 and all 3 missed time this season and into the post season.

I am betting Anthony loved the wax figure just put up of him in Madam Tussauds in mid town Manhatten. Just think he didn't have to share the wax figure with anyone else-Just the way Anthony likes his basketball!