I can't wait to read letters to the editor in the sports section of the New York papers the next few days. I am dying to see if ANY Mets fan will take the Mets to task for buying out the last two years of Jason Bay's contract and sending him packing. A mistake of historical blunders has been partially corrected. I say partially because they still have to pay the guy.

I tossed out the idea that NO Met fan will on the radio program today (Game On With Bruce Jacobs, 3-7 p.m. on 104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio). Every caller was thrilled Bay was gone, many making jokes about his stay and rightfully so. Oh we got the usual blabber from the team management like "he gave us all he had" and "we are disappointed it didn't work out, but Jason was an important part of the team" or something to these effects. Please save the air. Bay was brutal, embarrassing really. So bad, in fact, I felt bad for him, like it wasn't any fun to even boo him because he was so bad ALL THE TIME.

Sure he hustled and whatever. Yeah he got hurt a few times playing left field. Great. I have never questioned Bay's effort. He stunk and stunk bad. His long, sad puppy face after another pop out or weak grounder was just nauseating.

Okay, maybe he was a good teammate as some were quoted as saying. He missed so much time for various injuries and yet that was the best of Bay. Not having him in there was a blessing. When he missed time (and he missed a lot of time) the team had a better chance to win ballgames, that is how badly he performed. At one point last season Bay had as many RBI (8) on the season as a Cleveland Indians infielder had in one game. He was hitting under .150 for part of the season.

From me you won't hear any of the coach speak. I am thrilled Bay is gone and don't feel anything but bad for us Mets fans that we had to sit through three years of this epic failure. The only other free agent I can remember the Mets signing who was nearly as bad was former Red George Foster. After his huge 50+ home run season (unheard of for the most part before the steroid era) he got the Mets to fork over big dollars. He was lousy but at least he hit over .200.

Bay claims he wants a fresh start on his career. Yeah, good luck with that big guy. Anyone who will pay him more then the minimum is the fool. Then again, isn't it more likely Bay will find his game and return to his productive days before he was a member of the Mets?