June has been pretty good to the New York Mets.  They continue to roll with a 16-9 win over the Detroit Tigers last night.

The Mets offense has been been out of control lately. Their latest offensive strike was in Detroit last night when they took Tigers pitching for 16 runs.  The night before they racked up 14 and 8 on Sunday in Texas.  Maybe a little criticism from their owner was exactly what the doctor ordered?

So far in June the Mets are 16-10 and have been slowly improving.  They were 14-13 in May and opened the season in April a disappointing 11-16.  It's almost been a complete turn around for them.  Towards the end of May when the Mets had some disappointing games against the Yankees, Cubs and Phillies their owner Fred Wilpon called out some of the teams major players like Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and David Wright.  He was basically  saying that they weren't worth the money they were being paid due to lack of production.

That has all changed.  The Mets are winning and finally have moved back above the .500 mark with a 41-39 record and sit at third place in their division.  That puts them just 5.5 games away from second place Atlanta and 9.5 away from the Phillies for first.

Jose Reyes has totally turned around his game.  In June he is batting .377, he's 43-114 with 15 RBI's.  In those at bats he has 4 doubles, 7 triples and 2 home runs.  Carlos Beltran is also producing.  He hit a grand slam two nights ago and is batting.308 with 3 homers in June.  David Wright has been on the disabled list with back trouble, but could soon return to action.

Can the Mets win their division?  Probably not, but they are making some great progress.  It will hard for them to compete with a team on caliber with Philadelphia, but they can for sure take second place from Atlanta and maybe even land a wild card spot.  It is still early though, so we will have to see how they operate after the all-star break.