Spring Training is winding down, and the competition is heating up (kind of). Kick start the tumbleweed and cue the Western music, it's time for another edition of Mets Spring Training: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

THE GOOD: David Wright returned to the field today, going 1-2 at the plate and making a diving play in the field. The diving, full-extension play seemed to indicate that Wright has fully recovered from his torn abdominal muscle, which he suffered earlier in camp.

THE BAD: Johan Santana lacked control in his second to last spring training appearance, allowing two runs through 5 innings while walking three batters. Johan also struggled with his velocity early, hovering in the mid-80s with his fastball, but was able to work his way up to 88-89mph by the third inning. Santana is expected to make an abbreviated start on Saturday to fine tune his game before starting on Opening Day against the Braves.

THE UGLY: Well, ugly no more I suppose. Jonathon Niese has officially been compensated by Carlos Beltran for the nose job he got over the fall. Niese confirmed that the Beltran has paid him $10,000 for the procedure. Beltran, while on the Mets, often made fun of Niese’s crooked nose and told him he would pay for a nose job if he ever went ahead and booked it.