Michael Vick got knocked out of Sunday's 29-16 loss against the Giants with a bruised right hand.  He chose to complain about a lack of late hit calls following a game that he didn't even finish because his non-throwing hand was bruised.  WEAK!

Michael Vick didn't win any tough-guy points following his performance on Sunday against the New York Giants.  He got knocked out against a division rival because of a bruised hand.  Really?  A bruised hand?

Tony Romo gutted out a start against the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football last evening.  The Cowboys won the game 18-16.  Romo played one week after suffering a broken rib and punctured lung against the San Francisco 49ers.  A broken rib?  A punctured lung?  Yep, and the man still played.

Running back Felix Jones also rushed for 115 yards against the Redskins one week after suffering a separated shoulder against the 49ers.  It's the NFL.  You have to play with pain.  It's just the nature of the business.

Dez Bryant mentioned that Romo motivated him to go out last night and play hard because the quarterback was gutting it out in spite of an injury.  Who did Michael Vick inspire against the Giants?