The lovely Australian hurdler, Michelle Jenneke, will make your eyes bug out.  This video features Michelle in slow motion.  Yeah, slow motion.  It's awesome.  You need to see it immediately.

It's hard to think of a hurdler that's sexier than Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke.  Granted, I'm a little distracted after watching this video of Michelle warming up in slow motion.  This is an absolutely awesome routine.  It's hurdles meets foreplay.  Props to the guy who made this video.  The slow motion really accentuates her, umm, I should probably just move on.

This video has exploded on the internet for obvious reasons (she's hot and, uhh, well, that about covers it).  It's from the 2012 IAAF World Junior Championships in Barcelona.  I know what you're thinking; "Sweet!  I can't wait to see this smokin' hot babe in the 2016 Olympic Games in London!"  Right?  Well, she didn't make the cut.  I know, there should definitely be a "Hottie Exemption."  Too bad.  I don't know if I would've mentioned anything about the Olympic Games beyond Michelle Jenneke on "The Noe Show" if she was actually competing.  I feel as if a small piece of me just died.

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