Ok upfront-I am a huuuuge Phil Mickelson fan. I am a Phil apologist. But lefty are you serious?

Part of the reason I love Phil, and there are many parts is his integrity and the way he embraces fans. I also love that while many have this country club stuffy image Phil strikes me as an every man. He loves the huge ovations he gets, especially in Phoenix where he is a hometown hero having played college golf at ASU. But Phil is off base in my view by quitting the Memorial and lying about why he quit.

Mickelson said he was exhausted. Ok fine I get that. The tour can be a grind especially for a family man like Phil. he shouldn't have entered the tournament that being the case but to me no big deal.

Turns out it was a lie. Mickelson is upset and whining about cell phone usage at tournament events. This is stuffy country club, stuck up attitude that I haven't ever seen from Phil.

Now do I think fans should be respectful of the players when they are swinging-sure. As a golfer myself I know that can be annoying. But here is the rub-we live in the tech era and cell phones with cameras are the rave and other technology and you can't put that genie back in the bottle nor should you. The PGA started last year allowing fans to bring these tech toys to the course. There is no going back and whining about it makes you sound out of touch.

Also let's be serious. Phi,l and other pro golfers part of their greatness is putting distractions aside and making shots. I mean how loud is a camera phone click. If that distracts them then I dare say their focus isn't good that day anyhow.

Me and the fellas play golf all around the Capital Region. If you are reading this I am betting if you play your boys or friends or group have phones. I hear them ringing. They aren't that annoying and for a pro shouldn't be an issue.

I am guessing, and hoping that Phil was having a bad day when he sent a text complaining about cell phone usage to PGA commissioner Tim Finchem from the fairway crying about the new cell phone rules...Waaaaaah. Phil couldn't have been locked in that day. He did shoot a 79 then withdrew from the tournament.

Again I LOVE Phil. Love what he does, what he stands for, his commitment to the lesser off, his work with the troops, and his every man persona. I met him once and he was real nice, real genuine, friendly. I hope this never changes. I would hate to see Phil turn off the legions of fans he has and I am betting many feel like I do about him, whining aside!