With two games left the Detroit Tigers have clinched their division is locked into the 3rd seed. Normally this is a great time for a team and manager, an opportunity to rest some players and set your rotation for the playoffs, but Jim Leyland has himself quite a set of decisions these next two days.

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Miguel Cabrera is currently leading the American League in all three Triple Crown categories, giving him a great chance to win the crown for the first time since 1967. I have listed the contenders in each category below; Cabrera holds only a one home run lead over Josh Hamilton, and is only .004 percentage points ahead of Mike Trout for the batting crown. If you’re Cabrera, are you earning that crown by playing these next two days, or sitting on the bench and hoping no one catches you? Keep in mind that legends are born out of action, like Ted Williams, inserting himself into the lineup for both games of a final day double header with the .400 batting average on the line. Personally, I don’t think you can pull a Jose Reyes here; you’ve got to go out and play for the prestige.

Triple Crown Breakdown

Batting Average

  1. Miguel Cabrera  .329
  2. Mike Trout          .325
  3. Joe Mauer          .322
  4. Adrian Beltre      .319

Home Runs

  1. Miguel Cabrera                       44
  2. Josh Hamilton                         43
  3. Edwin Encarnacion                42
  4. A. Dunn/ C. Granderson         41

Runs Batted In

  1. Miguel Cabrera              137
  2. Josh Hamilton               127