I guess congratulations might be in order. Let's check back with Michael Vick after he tries to survive being a human pinata behind a leaky Philadelphia Eagles offensive line.

Vick was named the opening day starter for the Eagles when they take on the Washington Redskins. The opener is part of an ESPN Monday night double header on September 9th.

Vick beat out 2nd year pro Nick Foles for the starters job. USC Quarterback Matt Barclay is also on Philly's roster, but was not in the mix for the starters job apparently.

New Eagles coach Chip Kelly made the announcement before practice on Tuesday. Kelly had claimed he wouldn't name a starter until after the final exhibition game but decided to move up the announcement.

Vick has been efficient running the Kelly fast break offense. he has played well in games against New England and Carolina.

Vick's chances of success have been greatly diminished this preseason as the Eagles have been beaten up at the wide out position. They lost Jeremy Maclin and Arrelious Benn to injury. Maclin is out for the season. They go into the season with DeSean Jackson, the besieged Riley Cooper and a bunch of "who" guys.

Vick has proven fragile in his career, playing all 16 games only once, back in 2006 with the Atlanta Falcons. of course he missed 2 seasons while in jail for running a dog fighting ring. With the Eagles now for 4 years, Vick has played in 12, 12,13, and 10 games in those 4 years.

Vick should be helped in the health department by Kelly's style, to a certain degree. The get plays off fast offense means he will be releasing the football faster. However will the protection stand up as Kelly likes to flood the field with pass catchers, thus possibly leaving less blockers to pick up blitzers.