Traveling to see family is a great thing. Well the seeing the family part is. The traveling not so much. But not being slavish to the TV this weekend means I missed oh so much.

1st the good. Both the Penguins and LA Kings are in trouble. The Pens dropped the 1st game at home to the Boston Bruins in the eastern conference finals 3-0. Tuuka Rask and the Bruins toughness and intimidation helped defeat Pittsburgh on the Pens home ice. Boston did such a good job of taking Pittsburgh out of their attack that even Evgeni Malkin got into a fight and missed 7 minutes of precious ice time. Sidney Crosby challenged the big tree Zedeno Chara. Lucky for Sid the kid that Chara took delight in watching the Pens captain lose his brains. He also would have lost the fight if Chara decided to go fist a cuffs with him.

Meanwhile the best goaltender in the NHL Jonathan Quick showed without help even Quick is beatable. The defending champion Kings turned the puck over so much in the 1st 2 games, Quick had to be wondering who those guys in front of him were. Chicago wins the 1st 2 games as the series goes west to LA for games 3 and 4.

Meantime Roy Hibbert of the Pacers won the war on the floor then lost his mind off it. After the Pacers drubbed the Heat to force a deciding game 7 tonight in Miami, Hibbert decided to try and play comic. However the NBA didn't find his " No homo" crack funny and fined him 75k. What I found "comedic" about Hibbert's crack is right after, he took to twitter and apologized to fellow NBA'er Jason Collins, who recently revealed he is gay. The whole thing is just strange. Why did Hibbert decide to try and play funny man when he knows any attempts at gay jokes would get him in hot water and why did he immediately take to apologizing to Collins? Strange indeed. Almost as strange is the disappearance of Chris Bosch. The Miami center has been playing Claude Rains the past few games and the Heat are in trouble. Dwayne Wade is also a shell of himself but most feel it is due to a knee injury. Bosch has no excuses. Tonight the Lebron's seek to dispose of the Pacers and get onto the finals against the Spurs.

The strange and weird continue. The Mets, after sweeping their cross town rival Yankees and giving their team a much needed boost then went to Florida and were swept by the worst team in baseball, the Miami Marlins. Even Matt Harvey couldn't stop the bleeding Sunday.

The Mets ineptitude couldn't match the weirdness that took place at Yankee stadium however. The rubber game of the 3 game series against their top rival, the Red Sox was delayed for 45 minutes at the start and not a drop of rain fell. Then after  a legit delay in the 6th the same forecaster said it was ok to resume playing. After only 4 minutes of action, and 2 outs recorded, the rain came again. Hard. And this time accompanied by loud thunder and lightning. This time the game never resumed and the Sox got the shortened victory. The Yanks are 2.5 back of the Sox in the AL east.

But perhaps the strangest event of the weekend was the Tiger Woods meltdown at the Memorial. Woods shot a very pedestrian 44 on Saturday, his worst 9 hole score ever. And yes this time I can say this with fact-I have shot better then Tiger did Saturday. he followed that up with his 3rd triple bogey of the tourney on Sunday. 3 triples for Tiger in a year would be a big story. 3 in a weekend is amazing. Woods finished tied for 65th, only 8 spots from the last place finisher, at a tournament he has had great success in over the years. Tournament head Jack Nicklaus, since this is his tournament must have been thinking how will this golfer ever beat my record for majors with a performance like this.

As Tiger said after " every golfer has times like this." Take it from me Tiger truer words have never been spoken. Been there sir, like every weekend.

Strange weekend indeed!