Major League Baseball has officially laid down their stance on doctoring baseballs with foreign substances: It is approximately 1/6th as bad as doing steroids.

Today baseball suspended Rays reliever Joel Peralta 8 games for having pine tar in his glove, a substance that can provide greater grip for increased movement on curveballs and sinkers. Peralta was caught after Nationals manager Davey Johnson asked that Peralta’s glove be inspected when he entered Tuesday’s game. Johnson was tipped off to Peralta’s trick by players on his own club who were teammates with the 36 year old right hander when he was a member of the Nats.

By issuing this suspension, baseball has indirectly suggested that this form of cheating isn't as bad as taking performance enhancers, which carries a 50 game suspension for first time offenders. Peralta is appealing the ruling.