Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has played through all sorts of injuries and overcome all kinds of personal anxiety to play the game of football. But tonight, his streak of 297 consecutive starts was given a glimpse of hope in becoming 298 thanks to Brett Favre's new best friend: Mother Nature.

Tonight, the NFL has decided to move the Giants-Vikings game to Monday night at 8 pm. The originally scheduled kick-off was 1 pm tomorrow on Fox. This move was caused by a severe snowstorm in the Minneapolis area that dropped 15 inches of snow, forcing the New York Giants to spend tonight in Kansas City.

This is a move that is good for both teams, especially the Minnesota Vikings. Brett Favre has been called a game-time decision ever since he suffered a sprained SC joint in his throwing shoulder at the start of last week's game against Buffalo. Favre now gets an extra 24 hours to rest his golden right arm, in hopes that he can extend his NFL-record of consecutive starts to 298.

However, this postponement also helps the Giants just as much as it helps the Vikings. New York receivers Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks were originally going to receive only limited time in this game, but now an extra day of rest may change head coach Tom Coughlin's train of thought.

So fantasy football players, be aware: the stock on Favre, Nicks and Smith may be going up with this postponement. But proceed with caution, because you never know when Mother Nature will show her ugly head again.