While there is much debate regarding the NFL MVP right now (I would pick Vick over Brady - by the way), there seems to be little discussion about the NFL's L-V-P (Least Valuable Player).

So here is mine - drumroll please.

I'm going with Tennessee Titans wide receiver Randy Moss.

Why?  For starters, he came into the year as a Pro Bowler.  He had 83 catches, 1264 yards, 13 TDs last season with the Patriots.  Moss came into the 2010 campaign with 3 straight 1,000 seasons and at least 10 TD’s each year. 

With the exception of 2006 (43 catches for 556 yards and 3 TD’s) in Oakland, he’s had All-Pro years every other season in the NFL.  He was still feared entering the year.

I just thought Moss needed a change. He had enough with the Patriots and went off after a week #1 win.  Getting traded to the Vikings seemed like a good thing. Then his coach in Minnesota went wacko and he wanted out.  He then was traded to Tennessee and just hasn’t fit in there.

Moss is pretty much now worthless.  He’s been on 3 teams this season and has 27 catches, 375 yards, 5 TDs in 2010.  He’s got 6 total catches in the last 8 games - combined. 

In seven games with the Titans he’s got 5 catches for 62 yards, which is 5 catches more than Brian Cady.  The last three games, it's zero catches and zero targets.

He spends as much time on the sidelines as he does on the field.  He only got in the game for 1 play on Sunday vs. KC. 

Randy Moss is harder to find than a clean pee test at a strip club!!  All he does is sit on the sidelines; he's become a glorified season ticket holder with better seats - minus the $20,000 PSL fee.