A roiling debate late in yesterdays show- Game On With Bruce Jacobs, 3-7pm on 1045 the team- Based on SNY tv in New york asking who are the top 5 Mets players of all time. By the way as  a Met fan I take Seaver, Piazza, Wright, Kranepool (because he still owns many Met records)and  Strawberry. But this post is about The Yanks. Picking the top 5 Yankees of all time is much more tricky becuase  you are leaving out a hall of famer or 5.

Here is my list- Derek Jeter for sure. Only Yankee ever to amass 3,000 hits. That is amazing when you think about it. All those great yanks and only 1 has 3,00 hits.

For me Mariano Rivera is top 5. All time saves leader. The yanks you could argue might have 1 ring without the "Hammer of God". Most saves ever. most post season saves ever. Post season ERA under .80..I mean that is great. that is a level above great!

No question any yankee list starts with Babe Ruth.. Not only a Yankee top 5 but a Baseball top 5. And to think he started as a pitcher. To think even more he was aquired from the hated Red Sox. Imagine if that sort of trade went down today with all the media, talk radio, twitter etc etc. Oh that would be hot and heavy.

Now it gets tricky. I have to have Joe Dimaggio. Record hitting streak. The grace. The songs with him in it. he was married to Marilyn Monroe for heavens sake.

The 5th-wow it gets tough. Mantle. Gehrig. Berra. Pettite (might win 300 games).Dicky. Richardson. Jackson. Howard and on and on and on. I am taking Micky Mantle for number 5 edging out Lou Gehrig.

I love this debate. Well until young yankee fan hits me with Brett Gardner.. Just playing with that.. Your top 5 Yankees are?