Saturday's Nationwide race, the prelude to the Daytona 500, turned ugly at it's finish as a nasty crash saw one of its cars careen into the stands.

Chris-Graythen, Getty Images

Nasty crashes are a part of NASCAR.  Not often, though, do these crashes claim members of the crowd as casualties.  At the very end of Saturday's Nationwide race, however, a spectacular crash saw the 32 of Kyle Larson fly through the air bounce off of the catch-fence.  The front end of that car was sheared off, sending parts and pieces into the crowd.  The car's engine was found at the top of the wall; one of its tires flew high into the stands and landed a reported twenty rows deep in the track's main grandstand.

All told, 28 fans were treated for injuries.  Two were listed as critical, including one who, reportedly, was being treated for life-threatening head injuries.  Their conditions have been stabilized and no injures are thought to be life threatening.  Larson was able to climb from the car uninjured.