Navy (yes, Navy) football players do some dancing during football practice.  You have to see this.

When I was searching the internet today, I did not anticipate that I would see a video of the Navy football team doing the Dougie and a Kid 'N Play dance rendition.  Good for them.  I think it's cool that the Navy football team took a tiny break to have some fun after working hard.  Navy isn't exactly known for this sort of thing, so it was a bit of a surprise. 

Head coach Ken Niumatalolo even gets in on the action.  His moves aren't exactly fluid or graceful, but it's the effort that counts.  By the way, I think the absolute worst rendition of the Dougie occurs by #48 at the 1:48 mark.  It's definitely a laugh-out-loud moment.  He looks like he's convulsing.  Somewhere, Kate Upton is shaking her head about this weak Dougie display.

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