A huge announcement from the Association today that will be made official in short order. NBA commissioner David  Stern will announce he is retiring on February 1st of 2014.

Stern has led the NBA since 1984, taking over a league that had talent but was losing tons of money. Thanks to the likes of Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and of course Michael Jordan the league started to prosper and grow into a world wide bonanza.

Sources say that Sterns deputy, Adam Silver, was voted on to take over for Stern once he hangs up the job and that Silver  was unanimously approved by the NBA board of Governors.

As with any sport Stern has had his trials and tribulations. There were early issues of cleaning up the sport from drugs. The sport also had a reputation of having thugs and not being corporate friendly. Stern helped get big business and big time corporations involved in the league. All prospered.

There have been work stoppages and labor issues as there are with all leagues. The San Antonio Spurs beat the New York Knicks in a shortened season and last year the NBA salvaged a 66 game schedule after an early season lockout. The league and the players signed a new 10 year labor agreement with a 6 year out. Stern hinted at the time that is either side opened the deal after 6 years he would not be around for the new negotiations.

Stern also had to navigate the NBA around the magic Johnson AIDS situation. many players claimed off and some on the record how they didn't want the Magic man to play for fear of catching AIDS from contact with the H.I.V. positive Johnson. At the time little was known about the disease and how it was transmitted and much fear.

Stern has helped guide the NBA into a world wide watch and fans all over the world have spent money and time getting in with the NBA. many will credit Stern with saving the league and the debate will begin as to his legacy.