Leave it to Darren Rovell to post this: How do you represent your favorite NBA players past and present in emojis?

My Top 3:

1. Lance Stephenson: I give extra creativity to the dual-emoji. The wind blowing is a clever and clear reference to Stephenson blowing in LeBron James' ear while Stephenson was a member of the Pacers and James was a member of the Heat.

2. Jason Williams: Another dual-emoji, the crystal ball plus the chocolate bar represents Williams' nickname "White Chocolate." The former flashy point guard was known for his ability to handle the ball.

3. Luke Ridnour: The recycling icon is a little hurtful, I would say. But it's appropriate, as Ridnour has been traded multiple times this offseason.

Honorable Mention:

Jerry West: The TM logo is classic because West is the logo of the NBA. Get it?

Top Head Scratcher:

I have to be totally honest, I don't understand Damon Stoudamire one bit. Can someone please help?

Still a cool, graphic. What are your favorites?