So if you watched the NHL's Winter Classic on Saturday night, please raise your hand.

Ok, now that I got the attention of 17 people, let me give you my thoughts on the NHL's "Showcase event".

I was actually really excited to watch this since it involves my Caps taking on their arch rival - the Pittsburgh Penguins.   But I must say, the bad camera angle and the horrible ice conditions made it extremely difficult to follow.

NBC was more worried about trying to show the country how great their game is.  Problem was, I couldn't see the game.  The camera angle was too low which meant no depth perception.  They should have raised the camera to a higher level giving us a better sense of the puck in relation to the rink.

Some of the wacky camera angles NBC was using made this "Winter Classic" a bust for me.   Again, I couldn't  even see the puck when it's along the near-side boards. It was even hard to see the puck on almost every shot. Could someone please tell NBC to stop showing the camera angle from behind the net and from the "blimp" cam?

The bad camera angles reminded me of getting a sports video game and then realizing every angle offered was nearly unplayable (you'll recall this was a problem in several editions of Madden Football, a few NBA games and almost every NHL hockey game after 2003).  How frustrating is that?

Again,  I'm glad my Capitals won the game and it was a great atmosphere but, due to the poor camera angles, I just felt disconnected nearly the entire game.

And this is supposed to be the game that "sells" the NHL to the average fan?  Well, I want a refund.