There have been a few upsets thus far in the 2011 NCAA Tournament.  In the early going, there is one upset that stands above the rest.Morehead State was able to upset Louisville, 62-61.  It's the biggest upset of the tournament in the early going.  The 13th-seeded Eagles were able to get by the Cardinals thanks to a clutch 3-pointer by Demonte Harper in the final seconds.

The 12th-seeded Richmond Spiders were able to get by Vanderbilt, 69-66.  Kevin Anderson scored 25 points for the Spiders.  Anderson scored 16 of those 25 points in the 2nd half.

Morehead State will face Richmond for the right to go the Sweet 16.  Not many fans, including me, had both of those teams advancing.  Of course, you will hear basketball analysts & commentators repeat the horribly cheesy line, "So, how's your bracket?"  You'll hear this a few million times over the next couple of weeks.

Personally, I'd like to throw these analysts into the Steiner Recliner because I've heard it so many times.  By the way, the Steiner Recliner has got to be the worst finishing move in the history of mankind.  It would be a good lesson for certain commentators to actually be original when it comes to the NCAA Tournament.  Outside of the cheesy comments, the tournament is off to a great start.