Did you skip class/call in sick to watch today's tournament action? Respectable decision. Well, since you’re home and most probably downing a beer or two anyway, why don’t raise your game up a level and try out the "Official Unofficial Drinking Game of the 2012 NCAA Tournament." Follow these 10 easy rules and you’ll be sure to be plenty buzzed by the time the first buzzer beater is drained. Party on.

  1. Drink every time anyone on the broadcast says “Cinderella.” If you’re a heavyweight, also drink anytime Butler or VCU’s 2011 run is mentioned (this rule excludes VCU games, you’d get alcohol poisoning).
  2. Every time CBS coverage switches away from a blowout game to a closer one, drink the point difference of the game they just left (i.e., if CBS switches from Kentucky beating Western Kentucky 40-28, then chug for 12 seconds).
  3. Look at the game you’re watching. If you can’t name one player on either team, drink.
  4. Any time CBS cuts to a famous team alumnus in the crowd drink 2. If you’ve never heard of that former star, double it.
  5. If one of your picks goes down, drink 2. If you had that team making a run, multiply that by the round you finally had them losing in (i.e. if you had USM going to the 4th round, you’re toasting 8).
  6. Whenever coverage shifts to a new game, the last person who names both states where the participating schools are located drinks 3. If you’re playing by yourself, ignore this rule and please seek professional help.
  7. “OMG is that (insert celebrity name here)?!?!?” Drink.
  8. Take a 5 second swig at any foul-outs, and drink 10 if there’s an ejection.
  9. Watching the game with your girlfriend or sister who filled out a bracket based on mascots, team colors and “cute players?” Pick up her bracket: if she’s doing better than you, drink, drink, drink drink drink…
  10. Finally, take a pull anytime anyone in the broadcast refers to college basketball as “amateur athletics,” because with all the money these players are making for everyone else, its cruel for them to rub it in.