The blockbuster deal between Tigers-Rangers on Wednesday night with Prince Fielder getting dealt for Ian Kinsler was a surprise amongst Major League Baseball.

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Now, David Schoenfield of says don't be surprised if the Rangers go after Robinson Cano.

The Rangers would have to deal top prospect Jurickson Profar in order for this to happen.

While Ken Rosenthal says that the Rangers are willing to deal Profar (or Elvis Andrus), I'll believe it when I see it.

The Rangers have had many opportunities to deal the future superstar on several occasions and have not. Andrus has been rumored in trades in the past.

But still, evenif the Rangers decide to execute a trade with St. Louis or Tampa (that's a big IF), they still have to out-bid the rest of Major League Baseball in order to quire Robinson Cano.

If we've learned anything from Jay-Z's parade of his star free agent - it's all about the benjamins (I know, that's Puff Daddy, relax). Is it smart for the Rangers to try to stack cash higher than anyone else?

My money is still on the Yankees in regards to Cano. When it comes to writing a large check, they're the one franchise in the history of all sports that has had the ability and mindset to do so.