Don't confuse better with good.  The 2010 New York Knicks are off to a nice start.  They're better than they were last year, but they're still not good.

The Knicks are currently 16-9 this season.  They're currently on an 8-game winning streak.  They've won 13-of-14 games.  Amar'e Stoudemire is a legitimate MVP candidate.

Now, back to reality.  The Knicks play no defense.  They give up an average of 106 games per game.  They haven't beaten a who's who list of teams either.  The Knicks have only beaten three teams with a winning record (Bulls, Hornets, Nuggets).

The Knicks host the Boston Celtics tonight and the Miami Heat on Friday.  It'll be interesting to see how they fare against the top two teams in the Eastern Conference.

Don't get too optimistic Knicks' fans.  The Knicks are improving, but they're still a work in progress.