As a news anchor, it is Meghan Torjussen’s job to report the news as timely and accurately as possible. On Sunday night, she sucked at her job.

Following the Celtics overtime win over the heat, Meghan and her news team took to the television to report the final score. The only problem was, they had the score wrong. Way wrong. Not only was their final tally incorrect, they didn’t even get the winner right. As a matter of fact, they reported that there was no winner at all. According to this outstanding newscast the Heat and the Celtics made history by recording the first tie in NBA history. Apparently Ms. Torjussen suffers from the same prompter issues as the great Ron Burgandy, as she obviously must report anything and everything she is told, without thinking about what it is she’s saying. I don’t know if she doesn’t know anything about basketball, or if she just wasn’t paying attention, but regardless this clip is a classic.