Elbert Lee, an NFL agent, appeared on The Noe Show to talk about the NFL lockout from an agent's perspective.  Lee will also represent me in an interesting way.

Elbert Lee has agreed to be my agent in the upcoming NFL Supplemental Draft.  I'm going to have to get my mobility up to NFL standards within the next two weeks.  The Supplemental Draft will be held in mid-to-late July depending on how many applicants there are.  With my name in the mix, how could there not be one?

All kidding aside, Elbert Lee came on the show to talk about issues that actually matter.  He talked about how crazy things will be for NFL agents once the lockout is lifted and free agency is in warp speed.  Undrafted free agents will need to find homes as well, which will make things hectic. 

Mr. Lee is always an interesting listen.  Hear him tell you the issues that agents are facing due to the lockout.