I love the term NFL expert. Yeah sure if such a person existed they don't after this crazy week. Please tell me the name of the EXPERT who picked this weeks games? I bet not even 5 Chiefs fans thought their club would take down mighty Green Bay. Geez I wonder what Todd Haley feels like tonight. I am sure that same "expert" also had Indy winning their 1st game over the Titans. No way. Course selecting Carolina over Houston was an easy choice-NOT! The Redskins hammering the Giants was the sheik pick by the 'experts" ? Um no.

Once again the NFL is just crazy stuff as it always is which is why I laugh when I hear that term tossed around like dimes. This is no knock by the way on prognosticators paid or otherwise. This league is so crazy it's almost impossible to hit let's say 60% of your selections. Heck I would be thrilled with 50% if I am not there. Sure it was common knowledge that the Jets were going to get humiliated in Philly and that Baltimore would get trashed in San Diego. No I don't think so.

The Seahawks and Cardinals are now 500. No doubt the pigskin pro's knew that would happen after both teams got off to wretched starts. The point of this is NOT to be critical of any talking head. The NFL is the craziest sport to try and handicap games. What you think makes sense doesn't and the crazy isn't. At this rate I may pick San Fransisco to pound Pittsburgh on Monday night . I am thinking 38-6. Sounds nuts doesn't it but really any nuttier then selecting a safe 3 point win by either of those quality teams. I don't think so