Well this could be real good or real bad depending on how you look at it. The NFL has decided to let fans in the stadiums get the same look as the refs do when scanning instant replay.

This can be real good because for myself one of the things that makes watching the NFL on TV much better is the ability to see replays.

This can be real bad however because of boorish behavior by the few a replay that doesn't go the fans way can incite a melee. Sad that even has to be considered but let's be honest-In my view fans take these games way too seriously and get way too angry. Imagine what a blown call will do to someone who either has had too much to drink or perhaps put down a few sheckles on the game.

I hate to think of this in a negative way but realistically look at the landscape. Going to a game in San Francisco or Loa Angeles can be hazardous to your health. I won't cite all the violence.

Overall I like it because the few shouldn't ruin the fun for the majority. Seeing replays enhances the game experience for fans. In some stadiums they won't show replays that goes against the home team thus inciting vitriol aimed at the refs-umps what have you. Overall though I like it. The few should never ruin the fun for the many!