Outspoken. Brash. Tough. Engaging. Fierce. These are just some of the adjectives applied to NFL hall of famer Deacon Jones. Sadly Jones has passed away at the age of 74 from what right now is termed natural causes.

Jones was an iconic NFL player, and later become outspoken on several issues including advocating for former NFL players when it came to how the NFL treats retired players.

Jones was a fixture at every Super Bowl, giving interviews and advocating for retired players as well as for prostate screening. Deacon Jones didn't lack for opinions. He was outspoken as well on the way the NFL game is played, especially in terms of how quaterbacks are treated with kid gloves. Not sure if Jones were serious but I never heard an interview where he had anything nice to say about quarterbacks. Even in retirement Jones loved to harass QB's and belittle them for being soft or well protected by today's NFL rules.

On the football field Jones was a monster. He perfected the head slap which no doubt left many an offensive linemen with ringing ear drums. The head slap was later banned by the NFL.

Jones played on 1 of the great if not the greatest NFL defensive lines, known as the Fearsome Foursome. As a member of the Los Angeles Rams, Jones played alongside Merlin Olsen, Rosie Greer, and Lamar Lundy. they specialized in terrorizing NFL QB's.

Controversy exists to this day as to Jones place on the all time sack list, however the NFL didn't start keeping this stat until 1982. The Rams claim Jones had 159 sacks for them and over 171 for his career. If those numbers are accurate and if they were recognized then Jones would be 3rd all time. Bruce Smith is the all time leader with 200, followed by Reggie White with 198. On the official list Kevin Greene is 3rd with 160. If the Rams numbers were true then Jones would be ranked 3rd.

David Jones, a.k.a Deacon was drafted in the 14th round back in 1961. Imagine that the 14th round. Now the NFL caps it's draft at 7 rounds. The "Deacon" of defense played 10 years with the Rams and then finished up his career with 2 years in San Diego and a final season in Washington.

After retiring Jones took to the big screen as an actor,  landing several small parts in different sitcoms like the Odd Couple.

Jones passed away in his sleep from what is being termed natural causes at the age of 74. Look out in heaven cause the great Deacon Jones has more sacks on his mind