According to sources close to both sides on the lockout, they are very close to a deal.  Will the deal be ready by the meetings on July 21st though?

Right now it looks like things could be close to settling down with the NFL lockout.  If the two sides reach a deal by the July 21st than the season can start as scheduled.  According to, sources close to both the owners and players say that the two sides are quickly working towards some resolve.

According to one player, the negotiations that go on this Wednesday and Thursday will be the most important of all the talks leading up to the July meeting. The biggest thing holding things up now has to do with guys who haven't even played in the league yet.  The Rookie salary issue is the big deal right now.  Some of the players seem to believe that the deal is not so close though.

Players have agreed to cut rookie salaries in half, but they are still working it so that they rookies don't have to become free agents automatically after four years in the league.  It will be different for QB's drafted in the first round.  They will be effected by the rookie salary rule for the first 4 years, but in the fifth year they will be allowed to make the same amount as others in that position.