It's time-no it's well past time for NFL owners to fire the failed and disgraced Roger Goodell, a man whose ego has made him the joke of pro sports in my opinion.

The dictator that he thinks he is, but only in his mind, has completely botched the Saints "bounty gate" case by acting like he is Fidel Castro now Goodell is trying to salvage something of his debacle. I have written about the many ills that Goodell brings. This is just the latest.

In case you are just waking up from a long sleep in a nut shell the dictator determined he was just going to suspend players willy nilly. When Jonathan Vilma said show me the evidence you have the failed dictator said " No I have it-trust me". The players called dictator Goodells claims and they won via a 3 person panel their immediate re-instatement. Now dictator Roger is trying to save face by agreeing to meet with all 4 players, Vilma, Will Smith, Scott Fujita and Anthony Hargrove.

However with the 4 players now scheduled to meet with the players there is still much conjecture of the dictator will produce the evidence he says he has but won't show to the players. I am frankly surprised the players want to meet with the dictator. They don't really need to. the dictator has been put in his place by the 3 person panel so Goodell is really not in charge of the situation anymore the way I see it...

Somehow though it seems the little dictator still doesn't get it. He is now claiming it is the players that must show evidence. hello dictator Roger you are wrong you failure. It is you that needs to show your hand not the other way around.

Vilma previously walked out of a scheduled meeting with the dictator calling the whole thing a "charade". It remains a charade.

In addition to this matter there is the matter of the scab officials that Roger the dictator has hired. These guys are a disaster. 1 of these fella's was officiating for the lingerie football league. Now that is not a bad gig but I bet it doesn't pay well :)

These unqualified zebras don't know the rules. Just in week 1  they didn't know the rules concerning last play of the game in Oakland. They awarded extra timeouts to the Seattle Seahawks and according to the Rams, the Detroit Lions as well. I won't even address the laundry being thrown around for phantom pass interference calls. Not that the regular officials are great but they at least know the rules.

I could drone on about other ills caused by this disaster named Goodell. I would hope the fans are seeing this played out before their own eyes. We live in a democracy Goodell not your beloved dictatorship. It is time for you to be overthrown (using dictatorship language not reality of course) You have failed and failed terribly in your job. It's time for the owners to pull the plug on this fool before he damages the league even worse!