The NFL has a few plans to salute America during the first full Sunday of the regular season.

The first full Sunday of NFL action will take place on September 11.  It will mark nearly 10 years since the terrorist attacks in the United States.  Players and coaches will wear an NFL 9/11 ribbon as a patch or pin on their uniforms and sideline apparel.  All stadiums hosting games on Sept. 11 will feature the ribbon logo on the field.

There will also be pregame tributes on CBS and FOX that will be synchronized with videoboards in each of the hosting stadiums.  There will also be field-length American flags for the playing of the national anthem which will be similar to the Super Bowl.

Anything the NFL can do to pay tribute to the men and women who lost their lives, or had their lives significantly altered, due to the terrorist attacks is a classy move.  When the NFL does a tribute like this, the league typically does it right.